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Q: Why do I get differencies in the data set of each truck ?
A: The amount of data provided on the interface of each truck manufacturer depends on manufacturer, model, production year, and installed ECUs. For more information please ask your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Q: How can I request more data ?
A: If you think that there should be more data on the FMS-Standard please use the contact to the Feedback Team of FMS-Standard to send your request to the group. Your request will be discussed and if agreed by the group added to an extention list for the next version of the FMS-Standard.

Q: Where is the information how to connect to the FMS gateway of each manufacturer?
A: Please ask your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Q: Is it possible to retrofit a truck with FMS-Standard ?
A: It depends on the truck manufacturer, the model, and the year of production. For further information please ask your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Q: Why do you recommend a conformance test ?
A: The conformance test is recommended to proove the connected hardware whether it is reading out the data in the right format. The manufacturer gets the information that the tested hardware complies to the FMS-Standard description. It is also helpful information for interested customers to see whether the hardware is prooved to support FMS-Standard.

Q: What is the price of the interface of each truck manufacturer?
A: The price of the interface can be asked at your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Q: To whom should I address my technical questions concerning FMS-Standard ?
A: Please use the contact page for addressing your questions to the truck manufacturer. This contact is only for technical questions. For any other questions please ask your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Q: I do not see much changes of the FMS-Standard. Is it still "alive" ?
A: The FMS-Standard is still in progress. There are regular meetings of the definition group to evaluate experiences and requests. The aim is not to change the standard a lot. If you are a registered user of FMS-Standard you will receive a note if there is any change.